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I fancy my best friend’s husband!

What do you do when you fancy your best friend’s new husband? My best friend at London escorts, recently got married to this really nice guy. Not only is he nice, but he really sexy as well and I cannot stop myself feasting my eyes on him. I try to keep my distance, but the only way I can see my friend now when she has left charlotte escorts, is to meet up with both of them. They seem to be sticking to each other like glue.

I know that my friend is happily married and that she has tons of plans for her future with her husband. There is no way that you can work for a charlotte escorts service and be married at the same time, so my friend did the right thing when she left charlotte escorts. I don’t think that her husband forced her into it or anything like that. Instead I am pretty convinced that she felt that it was the right time to part company with London escorts, and carry on with the rest of her life.

Having worked for London escorts for a long time, I think I would find it hard to leave London escorts. Sure, there are plenty of gorgeous guys out there who would tempt me to leave London escorts, but I still think that my friend has managed to snap up one of the best guys. If I could find a guy who is half has sexy and talented who he is, I would be really pleased with myself. I know … I cannot have this guy. I breaks my heart but I am glad that my friend is happy. She is so lucky to have the right guy for her, and I know that not all girls manage to do that.

Snatching someone’s husband away, is something that you don’t do, and I cannot think of any girl here at London escorts who would do that sort of thing. It can be tough to find a partner when you have worked for a London escorts service, and I am sure that I am not going to have an easy time. My friend landed on her feet when she found her dream guy, and I am not going to pretend that I am not jealous. The other girls who work with me feel exactly the same way. Landing both a rich and nice guy, is the dream of every woman out there.

We all have our dream of the perfect man in our heads. Mine is tall and dark, and has a cheeky smile. He must have a sense of humour and want to share all parts of his life with me. Am I ever going to find him? I may and I may not. I have learned from London escorts that relationships are all about compromise and that you need to be considerate to one another. Still, I cannot help to feel jealous of my friend and I do hope that my dream lover is going to come my way. I do hope that he is out there….